Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hi, please make sure you have read all the posts below and that you have signed up for your journal if you plan to do one. I will be sharing journals this weekend once I have stopped taking adds.

Please note that I have activated the Question board link on the main page. You are not ever required to use this, but if you have questions for me that are not of a personal nature and that some other students may be interested in, please post them there. I receive all questions posted there as emails immediately. If you email me directly and I think the question is an important one, I may reply by asking you to post it there.

Please remember that you must have passed the syllabus test by the end of next week or you will be administratively dropped for non-attendance. This is an irreversible outcome and a dire one, especially for those of you on financial aid, so please do not ignore this requirement. No amount of special pleading will get you back into the course.

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