Thursday, June 15, 2017

Once again, if you have missed two journal entries in a row, your journal has been placed in an inactive folder. If you start it again, you must email me and let me know.

And a hugely important reminder:

Please remember that your journals will be run through at the end of the term. This utility will detect if you are copying and pasting entries from Wikipedia, including those that are slightly modified or any other internet source, and it will also detect if you are copying from the journals of others, either from this term or previous terms.  You will not simply fail the journal if this occurs, you will fail the class. You are also referred to student affairs for disciplinary actions, which becomes a permanent part of your record.  Please do not undermine your efforts in this way. If you have already done so, please go back and delete these entries from your journal immediately.

I will finish reading Module 4 entries by tomorrow morning.