Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Journals have been shared with everyone who has requested them to date.  The sign-up sheet will remain available until Friday. After that, to receive a journal you will need to email me directly with your name and gmail.

If you have not finished the syllabus test by now, then this indicates to me that you have are very far behind and are not working on the Module 1 material.  Remember that if you have not passed the Syllabus test by Friday, then you are subject to administrative drop. 

Equally importantly, Friday at 11:59 PM is also the due date for the Module 1 test. It is a hard due date, and your test must be submitted by 11:59 to get credit. If it is submitted even a second later, you will not get credit. Failing to pass the Module 1 test by the due date does not subject you to administrative drop, however. You must take this test in order to proceed to the next module, and you will have the opportunity to retake one of your tests at the end of the semester.

Many of you are writing me with questions about quiz and test questions and so far almost everyone is asking them in exactly the right way, i.e., providing a screen shot of full account of the question at issue and fully explaining the nature of their difficulty in understanding it. Nice work!