Monday, September 10, 2018

Welcome to the third week of the semester, several important pieces of information.

1. I neglected to take down the journal sign-up sheet on Friday while I was travelling and several people signed up, either on Friday or over the weekend and I failed to share their journals with them in time for last night's deadline. In consideration of this I am formally extending the Module 1 journal due date until Wednesday night 9/12 at midnight. This applies to everyone, not just those who signed up late.  The change is reflected in the schedule.

If you submitted your Module 1 entry late (meaning after midnight yesterday) and, as required, used a blue font, then you may switch it back to black and you are free to edit it in black until Wednesday night. 

The gmail link is now gone, so if you want a journal you need to email me directly with your name and gmail account.

2. For module tests you are now on a self-paced schedule until Module 6, which has a hard due date. Journal entries, however, have hard due dates throughout the semester.  At this point it should be obvious to you how important it will be to keep yourself on a strict schedule. The structure of this class is intended to give you flexibility, but if you let the work pile up too much, you will crash.

3. Starting Thursday I will begin reading journal entries. As noted in the syllabus, I do not put a grade on individual entries. I will usually put a comment or two. From these you will be able to tell how you are doing in general, and you are always free to ask me for more specific feedback. I try to read 20 to 30 journal entries a day, so people will be getting feedback at different times.

4. Don't forget about the text study question link at the top of the schedule page. This is there to help you prepare for the text-based quizzes and text-based questions in the tests.

5. Finally, many of you had a reality check with regard to how well you would do on a test that you rushed to take. It is understandable that you would test the system and you are certainly able to recover from a disappointing performance. Those of you who used the quizzes as study aids and continued taking them until you were scoring well, tended to do very well on the test. Those who rushed through them and had low quiz scores prior to taking the test, did poorly on the test as well. This is a result that you can depend on.