Saturday, September 23, 2017

This is just a reminder that to be on schedule you need to be finishing up Module 3 this weekend.

Those of you who have not at least finished Module 2 by Monday will be receiving reminders by email that you are flirting with disaster.

Feedback on Module 2 journal entries will continue through the weekend.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I will be providing feedback on Module 2 journals this week. 

I will always write something to indicate when you are doing substandard work (i.e.,  < 3 points) and I will often make comments when you are saying things that are particularly interesting.  If I make no comments, you may infer that your work is acceptable. If you are ever concerned by a lack of feedback, feel free to email me.  You may reply to comments I've made, but make sure that you never delete or resolve them.

Remember that if you let 2 weeks go by without making journal entries, your journal will be placed in an inactive folder, and you will need to email me if you begin writing in it again.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I have been asked to supply the contact information of other students so that people may form one or more study groups. I can not do that, but I have created this sign-up sheet for anyone who is interested.

Hi folks, I've given feedback to everyone who did the Module 1 journal entry.

To be on schedule today you should have already taken the Module 2 test and be finishing the Module 2 journal entry.  Remember that the latter is a hard deadline.

If you have not taken the Module 2 test you are officially in the process of falling behind. Unofficially you may be in perfectly good shape, e.g., if your schedule is such that you plan to work extra hard in the coming week, but if this is not your plan, you need to get back on track quick.

These next couple of weeks are going to flash by and you do not want to be looking at a mandatory Module 5 test when you haven't even finished 3 or 4.  Remember, there is no way to simply skip ahead to take this test and then come back and do the previous ones.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Please note that the advised completion date for the Module 2 test is this weekend and the hard deadline for the Module 2 journal is this Monday.

Journals that are inactive for two weeks in a row are placed in an inactive folder. It is permissible to begin writing in them again, but you will need to email me to let me know that you have begun doing so.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Please see below for some good study advice. Over the course of the week I will be reading your journal entries and giving you some feedback on them.

We are now entering the very dangerous phase of the course where there are no hard test due dates until the Module 5 test. The danger, of course, is that you will let things slide during this period. The reason for this structure is to give you a lot of freedom to set your schedule while still maintaining a clear midterm goal so as not to get hopelessly behind.  Please remember that you may not skip modules, so there will be no option to take the Module 5 test on time and then go back and take the earlier ones later.

Also, please remember that all of the journal due dates are hard deadlines.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Most of you have taken the Module 1 test and have therefore received some concrete evidence regarding the effectiveness of your study methods.  For those of you who were disappointed in your grade, here is some excellent study advice from a student from a previous semester. (I have edited it slightly so that it corresponds to the structure of this course.)
  1. In case it helps anyone, I wanted to share my study method. Advanced warning that it is labor-intensive, but my grades were low for the first two tests and rose considerably after I changed my method. 
  2. For each chapter, I read the text and watch the corresponding lecture. I take extensive notes for each and make sure I can answer the text study questions (at the top of the schedule page) and the study questions at the end of the lecture.
  3. I then take the corresponding quiz, copying any questions where I was uncertain of the answer. 
  4. I assess the quiz results and see if I got more book or video questions wrong. For me, it's usually video so in the next day or two (after my brain has recovered), I typically re-watch the entire video and augment my notes to clarify any points or answer any incorrect quiz questions. I had tried fast-forwarding to only certain segments of the lecture, but watching the entire thing works better for me to reinforce what I learned and put any new material in context. 
  5. I then repeat the entire process for every chapter in the module. 
  6. Before I take the module test, I retake every quiz in the module to make sure my comprehension is still strong. By this point, I am usually ready.
  7. Since I'm doing the journal, and the professor has said I'm doing a good job, I am pretty happy with an 18-20 on the test. If I average this I know I'll have an A in the class. 
  8. Hopefully this helps. Good luck everybody!