Monday, October 15, 2018

We were having some access issues with the Chapter 18 video, but they are now resolved.

Hard deadlines for Module 6 are coming up at the end of the week!

Friday, October 12, 2018

I've been busy grading midterms in other classes this week and am a bit behind on reading your Module 5 entries. I should be done by Monday.

Monday, October 8, 2018

We are now past the advised due date for Module 5 and the Module 6 due date is a hard date.

You will notice that I have provided two weeks in the schedule for Module 6, not because it is terribly time-consuming, but to give people who are behind a fighting chance to catch up, and to give people who have been keeping up a little space to relax and focus on other things if necessary.

Of course, the very best practice will be to press on and get ahead of the schedule, and I can see that many of you are doing just that.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Good Friday morning.

Tonight is the recommended submission date for the Module 4 test, and Sunday is the due date for the Module 4 journal.

I should be finished reading Module 3 journal entries by tomorrow morning.

Have a productive weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2018

There is a typo on the journal in Module 4. There are only two questions, but the second question is numbered 3.  Feel free to change it to 2.
I'll be looking at Module 3 entries this week. I see that many of you that did not do Module 2 did do Module 3. Good choice!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Many of you are now starting to appreciate that failure to stay on or close to the recommended testing schedule also interferes with your ability to make quality journal entries, which are exactly what you require to recover from the effects of rushed testing. Now is the time to carefully evaluate your approach to this class.

Others are finding that you are doing poorly on tests and wondering how to do better. The best general advice is to stay on schedule and to use your outcomes on quizzes to direct your study. How you do on quizzes is highly predictive of how you will do on tests (usually about 5-10% worse.)

Beyond that, a former student gave the following advice for doing well on this class and I am unable to improve on it. I reproduce it below:

In case it helps anyone, I wanted to share my study method. Advanced warning that it is labor-intensive, but my grades were low for the first two tests and rose considerably after I changed my method. 
1. For each chapter, I read the chapter, watch the lecture and the supplemental material. I take extensive notes for each, which are broken into separate "book, video, supplemental" sections and labeled so I can easily flip to the relevant section during a quiz if necessary.

2. I then take the corresponding quiz, copying any questions where I was uncertain.

3. I assess the quiz results and see if I got more book or video questions wrong. For me, it's usually video so in the next day or two (after my brain has recovered), I typically re-watch the entire video and augment my notes to clarify any points or answer any incorrect quiz questions. I had tried fast-forwarding to only certain segments of the lecture, but watching the entire thing works better for me to reinforce what I learned and put any new material in context.

4. I then repeat the entire process for every chapter in the module.

5. Time permitting, I do the journal to make sure I understand the concepts (vs. memorizing vocabulary and old quiz answers).

6. Before I take the actual test, I retake every quiz in the module to make sure my comprehension is still strong. By this point, I can usually take the test.

7. Hopefully this helps. Good luck everybody!